Respice Iterum


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Anything can happen in an instant. Unexpected and frightening, it's easy to lose yourself and often, when the dust settles, there's pieces of you strewn about or missing, left in places you can't seem to get to: Sometimes there's a lot of searching required.

Respice Iterum is a conversation with myself, walking through different experiences surrounding loss.

Respice Iterum is about coming to terms with the end of another person's story, and going on to continue telling your own.

Purchasing Respice Iterum gives you exclusive access to a bonus track titled "Lost", that takes place between Hide and Seek and Post Heli.


released 01 March 2014
Special thanks to Phillip Lober

Various tracks on Respice Iterum include clips of audio not made by 6² (Alex William Palm). In each of these instances the credits and information for said audio clips can be found on the specific track pages.

For Eli




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Track Name: Look Once More
Do you know the story?
Do you remember?
Three, two, one

Find the missing words

Look once more
Track Name: Adventure (interlude)
Do you want a friend?

Of course! Let's play!

They jumped over rivers
They played hide and seek
Track Name: Post Heli
Anybody there?
Track Name: Respice Iterum
Look again